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REDCap Cloud’s unified platform connects and harmonizes clinical research and care to advance medical discoveries and establish new standards of care based on real-world evidence.

The Industry’s Most Dynamic Data Science Platform

REDCap Cloud technology empowers organizations to easily collect, integrate, standardize, analyze, and share real-world, regulatory-grade data for any use case. Our modern platform delivers a customizable suite of integrated applications to support development of life science breakthroughs from research to commercialization.

REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Data Collection & Management

Enhance real-world evidence generation with a unified approach to the collection, standardization, and analysis of both case report form (CRF) and non-CRF data.

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REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Patient Engagement

myREDCap Cloud makes it simple and convenient for patients to learn about and participate in clinical trials. Designed with ultimate flexibility in mind, myREDCap Cloud provides patients with a single point of access to remotely engage in hybrid or fully decentralized clinical trials via a web browser or mobile device, accelerating enrollment and ensuring patients complete the trial.

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REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

eSource Integration

Accelerate development of new therapies through a unified approach that simplifies and automates the integration of all types of patient data onto a single, unified platform.

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REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Enhance decision making and accelerate timelines across the clinical trial lifecycle through improved visibility and analysis of real-time data.

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Data Collection & Management

Analyze your clinical trial data through a single, self-serve location. REDCap Cloud’s Data Collection & Management capabilities empower you to store, explore and visualize data in real-time across studies and across sponsors using interactive dashboards and over 40 distinct types of visualizations.

  • Seamlessly convert data to a common format supporting advanced real-world evidence analysis, reporting, and dashboards
  • Deliver an automated, unified view of patient health and safety including adverse events and serious adverse events
  • Eliminate potential bottlenecks early and throughout a study’s lifecycle with real-time monitoring of individual and aggregate performance metrics

Data Collection & Management


Run verbatim searches to identify variations of unique terms. Relevant results can be batched together and coded with a single key stroke


Automate the collection, tracking, and notification of both adverse events and serious adverse events in real-time


Provide data managers, site monitors and medical reviewers with an intuitive approval workflow with intra/inter-study source data verification on entire case report forms or individual fields


Deliver expedited, accurate coding supported by integrated workflows with REDCap Cloud EDC to enable user or auto populating of preferred medical terms from a range of enabled medical dictionaries


Make changes for any item on a case report form (CRF) or visit. Individual sites requiring IRB permission can be put on hold while allowing other sites with IRB permission to migrate


Securely collect data offline, particularly in environments with poor internet connectivity

Study Design and Build

Create and modify studies with ease within a single, unified platform

REDCap Cloud’s Study Design & Build solution enables users to build web-based or mobile studies from a single interface. Combined with our mid-study change module, study managers can easily roll out study changes selectively or to all patients and sites simultaneously, with full version control. After roll-out, authorized users can easily view which sites and patients are on a particular version.

  • Design and deploy a study to mobile devices or a website without the need for software programming skills
  • Easily select and reuse components ranging from edit checks to entire forms and visit structures
  • Leverage our global library to reduce the time required to set up a study while promoting eCRF standards and consistency for sponsors and researchers

Keys to a Successful Study Build


Create custom screening tools to capture your desired cohort


Use rules and expressions to trigger automatic CRF delivery


Use medical coding libraries to ensure use of standardized terminology for clinical data


Save your study as a global template for future use


Leverage the industry’s most advanced, scalable and secure electronic data capture solution to collect and manage all data from labs, sites, patients and digital health devices.

  • Manage studies of any size, complexity, or therapeutic area within a single, unified platform
  • Deliver cross-functional and cross-study insights with a standards-based approach to data management and analytics
  • Accelerate decision making through direct access to study data and real-time dashboards via our web-based portal or mobile EDC app
  • Streamline study timelines by making design changes to active studies easily without the need for migrations

Dr. Ryan Warth, Senior Director of Operations, talks about walking the walk with clinical research sites, decentralized trials, and accelerating clinical trial study startups with REDCap Cloud.

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Patient Engagement

The most flexible global platform for decentralized clinical trials

myREDCap Cloud is a comprehensive solution for hybrid or decentralized clinical trials that simplifies patient enrollment and participation throughout the clinical trial process. myREDCap Cloud provides patients with a single point of access to remotely engage in a clinical trial via a web browser or mobile device. Designed to build ongoing relationships with potential or current clinical trial patients, myREDCap Cloud delivers the industry’s most complete and intuitive set of tools to support clinical trial recruitment and participation.

  • Empower patients to learn about and participate in clinical trials from any location through our iOS or Android mobile app or web-based portal
  • Develop a broader view of the patient experience by balancing subjective patient feedback with continuous, objective device data
  • Accelerate timelines by reaching a wider range of patients through our eRecruitment and eScreening tools

Patient Engagement Solutions

Delivering a more flexible, connected patient experience


Make it easier for patients to connect and sign up to participate in your clinical trial via surveys, email, and social media


Quickly identify the right patients for your clinical trial through our mobile app or web browser


Enable patients to consent onsite or remotely via the myREDCap Cloud portal


Capture patient and caregiver feedback in real-time through myREDCap Cloud web portal or app


Aggregate and analyze patient data in real time while building an ongoing community with patients and hospitals


Increase access and enhance patient engagement throughout the clinical trial process


Enables home health nurses to collect patient samples and affix a barcode that associates the sample to the patient’s myREDCap Cloud account

eSource Integrations

Our platform delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for organizations to seamlessly integrate eSource health data in a standards-based way. Capture patient data from any connected health device once at the point of care and use it many times without manual re-entry or manual source data verification.

  • Significantly reduce site burden, timelines and the overall cost of clinical trials by directly integrating eSource data into REDCap Cloud’s EDC (Electronic Data Capture) or to a third-party EDC
  • Seamlessly set up and exchange HL7 standards-based data between electronic health record (EHR) systems and REDCap Cloud
  • Comprehensive real-world evidence methodology ensures fit-for-purpose design, data selection, data provenance, evidence generation, and end-to-end audit trails

Breaking down barriers for a more complete view of the patient experience


Reduce site burden while accelerating timelines through a proven approach to electronic health record set-up and integration. Replace manual processes with automation for a variety of functions such as trial feasibility analysis, patient recruitment, retrospective research, real world data aggregation and source data capture


REDCap Cloud facilitates direct data capture integration with a wide range of digital health devices. Our technology ingests eSource data from a large variety of patient sensors such as glucometers, spirometers, heart monitors, vital sign monitors, and other connected health devices

Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Eliminate potential bottlenecks throughout a study’s life cycle with real-time monitoring of individual and aggregate performance metrics. Easy-to-use clinical reporting allows study teams to extract and analyze data from an individual study and across multiple studies and sites.


Empowers users to quickly analyze operational processes across studies and sponsors from several pre-built operational data reports including key milestones, enrolment, site status, CRF performance metrics, and queries


Create dashboards summarizing information from views with over 40 different visualization options for presenting data


Create sophisticated machine learning and AI analysis sets in real-time, or simply create table listings and graphs in computing notebooks across many programming languages including SQL, Python, and R


Aggregate heterogeneous data sources and quickly combine, explore, and visualize data in real time across studies and across sponsors using interactive dashboards and over 40 different types of visualizations


Provide study teams with the flexibility to create reports using predefined fields or custom code such as HTML and JavaScript template engines

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