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Unlock Real-World Insights with the REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) support more robust clinical trials and offer a trusted model as the basis for regulatory decision making.

RWD is data collected from a variety of sources including EHRs, claims databases and wearables. With REDCap Cloud’s Unified Data Science Platform, organizations can unlock the value of RWD and RWE, accelerating medical discoveries and improving health outcomes.


Benefits of RWD and RWE in clinical research

  • Enhance the external validity of clinical trials by better capturing real-world patient experiences and outcomes
  • Speed up approvals by contextualizing single-arm trial data that demonstrates outcomes without the study drug
  • Support drug development and post-market surveillance to identify new drug targets, monitor safety and efficacy, and support the development of new therapies
  • Improve patient outcomes to identify gaps in care and develop personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs
  • Reduce healthcare costs by increasing clinical research efficiency and generating insights for better decision-making

Key Features

The REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform helps sponsors, research sites, and healthcare systems collect, integrate, transform, and analyze RWD and RWE. Key features of the platform include:

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eSource data integration enhances clinical insights and speeds up timelines by collecting, integrating, standardizing, and analyzing various sources of electronic health data

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EHR Integration service allows for the seamless setup and exchange of HL7 standards-based data between electronic health records and the REDCap Cloud platform

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Reporting & Advanced Analytics enhances clinical data management and accelerates timelines across the healthcare ecosystem through improved visibility and analysis of patient data

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Data Security and Compliance provides the highest standards of protection and compliance, giving organizations confidence in the security and integrity of their data

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