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RWD eSource Integrations

Our platform delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for organizations to seamlessly integrate eSource health data in a standards-based way. Capture real-world patient data from any connected health device once at the point of care and use it many times without manual re-entry or manual source data verification.

  • Significantly reduce site burden, timelines and the overall cost of clinical trials by directly integrating eSource data into REDCap Cloud’s EDC (Electronic Data Capture) or to a third-party EDC
  • Seamlessly set up and exchange HL7 standards-based data between electronic health record (EHR) systems and REDCap Cloud
  • Comprehensive real-world evidence methodology ensures fit-for-purpose design, data selection, data provenance, evidence generation, and end-to-end audit trails

Breaking down barriers for a more complete view of the patient experience

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Reduce site burden while accelerating timelines through a proven approach to electronic health record set-up and integration. Replace manual processes with automation for a variety of functions such as trial feasibility analysis, patient recruitment, retrospective research, real world data aggregation, clinical registries and source data capture.

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REDCap Cloud facilitates integration with a wide range of digital health devices. Our technology ingests eSource data from a large variety of patient sensors such as glucometers, spirometers, heart monitors, vital sign monitors, and other connected health devices.


Decrease site burden while reducing both the cost and time associated with patient recruitment and source data verification

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