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The Industry’s Most Dynamic Data Science Platform

REDCap Cloud technology empowers organizations to easily collect, integrate, standardize, analyze, and share real-world, regulatory-grade data for any use case. Our modern platform delivers a customizable suite of integrated applications to support development of life science breakthroughs from research to commercialization.

REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Data Collection & Management

Enhance real-world evidence generation with a unified approach to the collection, standardization, and analysis of both case report form (CRF) and non-CRF data.

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REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Patient Engagement

myREDCap Cloud makes it simple and convenient for patients to learn about and participate in clinical trials. Designed with ultimate flexibility in mind, myREDCap Cloud provides patients with a single point of access to remotely engage in hybrid or fully decentralized clinical trials via a web browser or mobile device, accelerating enrollment and ensuring patients complete the trial.

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REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

eSource Integration

Accelerate development of new therapies through a unified approach that simplifies and automates the integration of all types of patient data onto a single, unified platform.

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REDCap Cloud Unified Data Science Platform

Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Enhance decision making and accelerate timelines across the clinical trial lifecycle through improved visibility and analysis of real-time data.

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The REDCap Cloud Difference

  • Our unified platform connects sponsors, trial sites, research teams, and health systems to deliver new therapies in a faster, better, and more cost-effective way
  • We are leading the industry’s transition to real-world digital research and evidence generation by integrating patient data across all healthcare stakeholder workflows
  • Our metadata repository enables secure and controlled establishment of standards libraries that can be leveraged across enterprise-wide deployments

Rapid Innovation

  • Leverage our embedded REDCap application base, the most widely used point of care research application in the world
  • Increase research and care team collaboration by connecting people, processes, and systems
  • Manage vast amounts of data and millions of patients supported by 99.999% reliability and performance

Unprecedented Flexibility

  • Store patient data per regional guidelines within multiple locations around the globe
  • Identify, screen, and enroll patients in clinical trials remotely with our customizable web portal or native app
  • Simultaneously run an unlimited number of versions of REDCap Cloud applications without ever having to upgrade mid-study

Streamlined Data Integration

  • Clinical trial sites control their data and determine when and how information is used
  • Expedite timelines and reduce costs by automating data flows across electronic medical records and connected health devices
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual source data verification
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Deep Experience Supporting Research

Born out of Vanderbilt University’s Project REDCap, REDCap Cloud was created to meet the needs of our stakeholders around the globe for a truly nimble, SaaS-based solution driven by the highest standards of security and compliance.

End-to-End Privacy & Security Compliance

What’s next for real-world evidence?

REDCap Cloud’s SVP of Real-World Evidence Solutions, Kyle Flickinger, talks about regulatory implications, reducing the burden on sites, and opportunities to bridge the gap between research and care.

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