Transforming Clinical Research Today

Accessible, Affordable, Advanced Technology

REDCap Cloud is one of the world’s leading software applications for collecting and managing data for clinical studies. Our platform addresses the lifecycle of the clinical development process, enhances productivity and quality of research, and reduces the time and cost of bringing breakthrough discoveries to market.

A history of success

REDCap has been developed by Vanderbilt University for over a decade and is widely used by academic research centers, major non-profit organizations, and government agencies around the world to support clinical and translational research. The REDCap Consortium is composed of more than 625,000 users in more than 115 countries and has been used in nearly 500,000 research studies.

In early 2016, an enhanced commercial-grade version of REDCap, called REDCap Cloud, was launched to support multicenter studies and regulated clinical studies. REDCap Cloud is designed to transform clinical research for the life science industry by offering a cost-effective eClinical platform that enables Sponsors, CROs, investigators, and research teams to collaborate around the world, and to transform patient care in a faster, better, and more cost-effective manner.

REDCap Cloud is the first solution to bridge the requirements of both the academic/NPO researchers and the commercial sponsors with technology, functionality, and a business model for all markets.  REDCap is committed to advancing innovation and bridging the gap between academic, non-profit funded research and the commercial world.