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Connecting research and care to deliver better outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem

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Running faster, smarter, less expensive clinical trials demands a modern approach. The REDCap Cloud unified data science platform automates manual processes to advance clinical research and care. By connecting processes and systems in a secure and compliant way, REDCap Cloud brings together disparate applications and data into a single system to enable unprecedented levels of innovation and collaboration before, during, and after clinical trials.

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Significantly reduce both the cost and time associated with patient recruitment and monitoring by integrating electronic medical records directly into REDCap Cloud EDC

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Connect, integrate, standardize, and analyze data from any connected health device in a standards-based way to unlock better, more informed decision-making

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Run studies with confidence knowing that our platform operates under the highest standards of data protection and compliance

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REDCap Cloud’s Matt Galpin joins Kathy Franco, Director of Clinical Research for the Center of Clinical and Translational Science, University of Texas at Houston, to discuss patient and site centricity, COVID-19, and what motivates them to advance the work of the clinical research community.

Healthcare Systems

Drawing on Project REDCap’s legacy as the most widely used point of care research application, REDCap Cloud’s unified data management platform connects sponsors, research teams, hospitals, health systems, and patients to support real-world evidence generation and insights across the continuum of care.

  • REDCap Cloud’s EHR Integration Service eliminates duplicate data entry saving valuable time while improving the accuracy of overall patient data
  • Convert EHR data into high-quality operational & conceptual definitions on a single platform, meeting the highest regulatory grade standards
  • Identify, screen, and recruit patients more effectively by integrating and automating data flows across disparate systems
  • Our comprehensive RWE methodology ensures fit-for-purpose design, data selection, data provenance, evidence generation, and end-to-end audit trails


Clinical trials are not a one-size-fits-all approach. The ability to design studies based on the unique needs of patients is critical to achieving the objectives of all stakeholders. With this in mind, myREDCap Cloud was created to support both hybrid and fully decentralized clinical trials to engage clinical trial patients on their terms. Through myREDCap Cloud patients can:

  • Join a registry to learn about potential studies and take part in the recruitment, screening, and consent phases of a clinical trial where and when they choose
  • Provide feedback through our eCOA application complemented with continuous data streaming from mobile health devices
  • Schedule a video visit, receive updates and alerts, leverage home health visits, and take part in multiple studies over time regardless of the site location

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