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Making Digital Cognition Assessments Easily Accessible in Decentralized Clinical Trials

“REDCap Cloud is a modern, unified platform that has delivered the breadth of functionality required to deliver our digital assessments for a diverse range of clinical research programs while providing a flexible, effective solution that meets the needs of patients, sites, and sponsors.”

Rachel Colite, Vice President, Decentralized Clinical Trials, Cogstate

Cogstate Ltd is a leading neuroscience technology company on a mission to democratize brain health assessment across clinical research and clinical care – combining proven science with disruptive digital innovation to make the measurement of cognition as simple, standardized, actionable and common as the measurement of blood pressure.


Cogstate technologies provide rapid, reliable, and highly sensitive computerized cognitive tests and support electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) solutions to replace costly and error-prone paper assessments with real-time data capture.

Cogstate digital assessments are used across all phases of clinical development and in over 70 indications across CNS, oncology, cardiovascular, and rare disease—with the largest area of research being Alzheimer’s disease.

Cogstate and REDCap Cloud

Cogstate has run over 50 clinical trials including hybrid and fully decentralized clinical trials, using both REDCap Cloud and myREDCap Cloud. The REDCap Cloud EDC system is leveraged as a key enabling technology of the Cogstate platform, supporting the secure and compliant delivery of Cogstate digital cognitive tests into the clinical trials it supports. Cogstate was able to establish extensive API integrations to leverage the REDCap Cloud platform for user management and log-in, launching the digital assessments supported by data management and reporting.

The Cogstate team successfully leveraged the myREDCap Cloud patient portal to enable direct-to-participant testing. In a single study build, Cogstate assessments can be accessed by the clinical rater as well as the patient from any location, in a secure and compliant way.

Business Impact

Cogstate has realized cost, time, and workflow efficiencies by partnering with REDCap Cloud as an enabling element of their platform, including:

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Robust data query management capabilities replacing more manual and error prone processes

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Scalable, secure, compliant, and robust workflows

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Development of a highly configurable and flexible system, supporting ongoing enhancement and customization to support nuanced use cases

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Integrated Portal

Integrated patient portal allowing a rapid response to increased demand for decentralized trials and at-home data collection amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic

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