REDCap Cloud MyHealth

REDCap Cloud MyHealth – Patient/Participant Engagement Platform

Your State-of-the-Art Patient engagement platform

REDCap Cloud MyHealth is a direct to patient eCOA, ePRO, eSource and eConsent solution empowering patients and caregivers to directly engage in the study and report study information collected via mobile devices or the Web on a Patient Portal. Engaging media and communications allows patients to become more involved in the study.


REDCap Cloud’s Patient Portal is an intuitive, modern, single point of access for patients. With REDCap Cloud Patient Portal, patients quickly complete all aspects of a clinical study by accessing a single on-demand, hosted Data Management platform. The portal removes the need for patients to remember and manage multiple passwords. REDCap Cloud’s single sign-on capabilities simplifies onboarding and ongoing account management.


REDCap Cloud’s MyHealth Mobile application platform makes it easy to build rich interactive HIPAA compliant apps for patients to take part in studies or manage their care using their own iOS or Android devices. Based on Apple’s ResearchKit Framework, the MyHealth Mobile application platform empowers researchers to use the REDCap Cloud designer interface they are already familiar with to create ResearchKit apps with enhanced features including branching logic, hidden fields, randomization, file uploads, and repeating groups of fields.


REDCap Cloud’s eConsent platform empowers you to develop interactive and engaging informed consent patient experiences. Patients can access and fill out eConsent forms from their own computer, mobile phone, or tablet device. The rich, interactive multimedia experience enables patients to make informed decisions in a simplified and consistent way at their own pace and tailored to their own learning style and language.


REDCap Cloud MyHealth enables an organization to grow and maintain a library of quality of life (QOL) and therapeuticspecific assessments available on both the web and mobile devices. Validated assessments currently include the PROMIS Health Measures. These instruments enable precise measures of patient-reported health status for physical, mental, and social well-being and ensure that you will capture standardized and consistent patient selfassessments.


Direct-to-participant surveys, whether in a clinical study, quality improvement program or to collect real-world observational data can be valuable methods in generating evidence to support effectiveness and safety of a interventional therapy, continuously monitoring improvement in care or process, and generating the evidence required for reimbursement and claims. Surveys are quick to deploy on the right modality using our unified designer and can either be private or anonymous.

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