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myREDCap Cloud Patient Portal

myREDCap Cloud — is a comprehensive decentralized trial solution for patients to enroll and participate in the clinical trial process.  myREDCap Cloud provides patients with a single point of access to remotely engage in a clinical trial over a computer or mobile device web browser. Designed to build ongoing relationships with your patients. myREDCap Cloud offers self-service signup, e-Recruitment, e-Screening, e-Consent, e-PRO, Virtual Visits, appointment scheduling, and more.

myREDCap Cloud — eRecruitment and eScreening

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), more than 80% of clinical trials in the United States fail to meet their patient recruitment timelines. MyREDCap Cloud’s eRecruitment and eScreening surveys address this problem by making it easier for patients to connect and sign up to participate in your clinical trialFor example, send a survey link via e-mail or create study splash page on Facebook or twitter targeted to specific patient populations linking them to a registration and screening formAlso, the recruitment and screening surveys are flexible. Surveys can to be taken any time of day or night. Also, they work on both mobile and web browsers ensuring no patient is left behind.    

myREDCap Cloud — Web-Based eConsent

To enroll in a new study virtually, patients are invited to create their myREDCap Cloud account, and then are guided through an electronic consenting process, also known as eConsent. The consenting process is reviewed through a myREDCap Cloud LIVE visit with the patient and their study team – should the patient have any questions or concerns they’d like to discuss. Upon full understanding of the consent, the patient virtually signs their web-based eConsent.

myREDCap Cloud —Virtual Visits & Appointment Scheduling

myREDCap Cloud Virtual Visits enables any two or more individuals to engage over a web-based video conference, reducing the need for in-person visits.  Virtual Visits include appointment scheduling capabilities, that empower patients to schedule a time that works for them.  Appointment windows are controlled by the sites to ensure availability.

myREDCap Cloud — Web-Based eCOA/ ePRO

Throughout the trial life cycle, patients access their myREDCap Cloud accounts to virtually complete any necessary electronic clinical outcome assessment. Study teams configure forms needed and the patient logs into myREDCap Cloud to complete the web-based forms. 

myREDCap Cloud — Lab Barcoding & Reporting

With myREDCap Cloud Barcoding, home health nurses are able to collect patient samples and affix a barcode that associates the sample to the patient account. When sample results are generated they can be posted on the patients myREDCap Cloud account. 

myREDCap Cloud — EMR /eSource Data Integration

When combined with REDCap Cloud iPaaS,  MyREDCap Cloud – eSource sponsors are able to provide a patient with all of their EMR and Study Data in one single location. 

myREDCap Cloud — Surveys

Surveys are an electronic way to capture data anonymously or identifiable. Surveys can be administered online, email, social media, paper, mobile, telephone, or  face-to-face. Surveys are flexible to be taken any time of day or night. Example use cases include pre-visit assessment surveys to optimize the time spent during a video or on-site visit and online polls for study experience feedback. 

myREDCap Cloud — Mobile

myREDCap Cloud is also offered as a Branded Mobile application for patients to take part in studies or manage their care using their own iOS or Android devices. Mobile applications are particularly useful to collect wearable device data such as vital signs or activity tracking data.

myREDCap Cloud — Perpetual Trials

By integrating clinical research with the ongoing collection of clinical care data from EMR systems, myREDCap Cloud turns the concept of perpetual clinical trials and ongoing patient relationships into a reality. Using myREDCap Cloud – Perpetual trials, patients are able to participate in multiple studies over time in a single familiar destination.

myREDCap Cloud — Adaptive Patient Workflow

myREDCap Cloud’s Adaptive Patient workflow functionality allows sponsors and patients to choose when a visit should be at a site or conducted remotely.  myREDCap Cloud can be used for any REDCap Cloud traditional EDC study. The schedule of events can adapt to the needs of the patient and practice patterns for the specific needs of a trial. For example, in a single trial, a patient could fill out their eConsent either at a site or remotely via the patient portal. Also, the overall  process is optimized as all forms are designed in the same unified designer and all data is captured and managed in the same platform. This simplifies the overall trial management process for sponsors and CROs.