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REDCap Cloud EDC

REDCap Cloud EDC at Your Fingertips

REDCap Cloud is a 4th generation EDC solution with transformational built in features including Mobile App Based EDC, Mid-Study Changes, Monitoring, Query Management, Medical Coding, Custom Randomization, and a File Repository. All protected by industry best practice security,21 CFR Part 11 compliant, industry regulations and data privacy technology.


The REDCap Cloud Mobile App adds a new dimension to the software’s versatility by providing users with a tool for offline data collection, particularly in environments with poor internet connectivity. REDCap Cloud users can now collect their REDCap Cloud data in a mobile app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. With REDCap Cloud and the REDCap Cloud Mobile App, users have new options for electronic data capture for studies that under previous circumstances would have dictated pen and paper. The app cannot be used on its own but is a companion app that must be used alongside REDCap Cloud itself. All users of the app must already REDCap Cloud users before using the app.


REDCap Cloud’s Mid-Study Change feature makes it easy for you to implement changes effectively.  Guided by a process wizard, changes can be made at a Study, Site or Subject level for any item on a  CRF or Visit. Additionally, changes can be scheduled to a time that suits local circumstances, and multiple versions of a study can run conterminously, so individual sites requiring IRB permission can be put on hold whilst other sites e.g. those with IRB permission, are migrated.


The Medical Coding module allows CRFs to be coded using a Medical Dictionary – e.g. MedDRA or WHO DRUG.   When data is being collected in the field and the verbatim term is entered by the user e.g. aspirin, the medical dictionary is searched and if there is an exact match in the Coding Dictionary the verbatim term is replaced with the correct medical term e.g. Aspirin with the medical term for it, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). If there is not an exact match the preferred term options are shown for user selection to replace the generic Label Name.


REDCap Cloud offers a file repository as your central place to store and add project files. This could be used as a Trial Master File system for a study or simply for Site files including contracts, study protocols, and other site-related documents including Imaging files, Labs files or other relevant medical record files.


REDCap Cloud offers six different randomization models- from simple Complete Randomization to the most common, Block, and the more complex randomization models like the Wei’s Urn. In addition, customers can choose to upload their own unique randomization model and REDCap Cloud will adjust accordingly.


REDCap Cloud Monitor provides a collaborative and efficient way to manage the data monitoring and site query process. It provides data managers, site monitors and medical reviewers with an easy to use approval workflow with intra-/inter-study source data verification (SDV) on entire CRFs or individual fields. All three roles can work independently or assigned together to work in a way that is right for your study.