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REDCap Cloud Advanced Analytics

Make Analyzing All of Your Clinical Trial Data An Easy to Use, Self Service Resource, Accessible In One Location

REDCap Cloud Business Intelligence Studio is a data analytics and warehousing solution that enables you to visualize data and share insights across your organization. It empowers teams to make fast, informed decisions.  REDCap Cloud Business Intelligence Studio is offered as either a standalone or fully integrated solution with the REDCap Cloud Platform.

Operational Data Warehouse

REDCap Cloud’s Operational Data Warehouse eliminates potential bottlenecks early and throughout a study’s life cycle with real-time monitoring of individual and aggregate performance metrics. Easy-to-use clinical reporting allows study teams to extract and analyze data from an individual study and across multiple studies, sites, etc.   Additionally, by extending operational reporting capabilities to anyone who impacts the business, users can respond more rapidly to changing conditions, optimize core processes, and maximize productivity and cost-efficiency.

Clinical Data Warehouse

REDCap Cloud’s Clinical Data Warehousing solution enables the aggregation of heterogeneous data sources (EDC, Imaging, Labs, ePRO, EHR, Wearable, etc..) to a common standard for clinical analysis. The solution allows the user to pool clinical data and write SQL queries that can be saved as regulatory and management reports and dashboards for others to see.

Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

REDCap Cloud’s Advanced Reporting & Dashboards solution is custom reporting on steroids.  It empowers users to define the contents, look and output format of a report in any way they would like.  The main idea behind Advanced Reporting is to empower users to define reports using code, mostly HTML and javascript templating engines. This approach gives great power and flexibility to how data is presented and shared.