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REDCap Cloud iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

How REDCap Cloud EHR Integration Hub

REDCap Cloud Integration Platform As A Service

The wide adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems has created the opportunity to analyze health data from millions of patients, ask new scientific questions, and better detect patterns to inform the development of new drugs or better care. The challenge now is integrating and aggregating data from these disparate EHR systems. REDCap Cloud’s EHR Integration Hub makes it easy to set up and seamlessly exchange HL7 standards-based data between EHR systems and REDCap Cloud. Capture data once at the point of care and use many times without manual re-entry or manual source data verification.

EHR to REDCap Cloud Data Flow

EHR systems today support a variety of ways of sharing data. For example, most all support HL7 but in various degrees and versions making it challenging to Unify Data Across different systems. REDCap Cloud EHR Integration Hub supports all HL7 versions including the latest HL7 IV FHIR Standard enabling a flexible and adaptable approach.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)


Clinical Vitals



Lab Results



FHIR Message (RESTful API Calls)

RCC EHR Integration Hub





vNear Real Time

Audit Trailed


FHIR Standard


REDCap Cloud EDC

Patient Data

Visit Structure

Labs, SAEs


Full Efficacy


Part 11 Compliant

EHR Integration Hub Set-up

Step 1

Client Builds Forms to be used to capture and store EHR Data. Client Leverages FHIR based schema templates to quickly build Forms.

Step 2

REDCap Cloud Creates an Account for the Institution with the EHR system in REDCap Cloud's EHR Integration Server

Step 3

REDCap Cloud Provides Client with Routing Information to be entered Into EHR System including an API Key.

Step 4

Client Enters All Routing Information in their EHR System

Step 5

Client Sends Test Message from EHR System and REDCap Cloud Authenticates message.