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How REDCap Cloud eConsent Works for You

Your State-of-the-Art eConsent Platform

REDCap Cloud’s flexible eConsent solution empowers you to develop interactive and engaging informed consent workflows right for your trial.   The rich, interactive multimedia experience enables patients to make informed decisions in a simplified and consistent way at their own pace, learning style,  language and location, whether at a clinic site or virtually

eConsent Designer

REDCap Cloud’s eConsent Designer is based on point-and-click user interface that takes the process of developing eConsents away from programmers and into the hands of the study designers. Users can build Web based or Mobile eConsents from a single interface and eConsent library. Combined with our mid-study change module, study managers can easily roll out eConsent changes selectively or to all subjects/sites at the same time, with full version control. After roll-out, authorized users can easily view which sites and subject are on which version. A sampling of additional functionality includes

eConsent Template Library

REDCap Cloud’s eConsent Library allows for the secure and controlled establishment of standards template eConsents that can be leveraged across enterprise wide deployments. Study designers can easily select and reuse components ranging from edit checks to entire eConsents. Working in conjunction with the REDCap Cloud eConsent Template Library reduces the time required to set up a study, promotes eConsent standards and consistency across studies for a sponsor or researcher.

eConsent Interactive Learning

REDCap Cloud eConsent includes role-based interactive learning curriculums and certifications built into the application. These modules can be customized by the client with assessment standards set by the client administrator.

eConsent File Repository

REDCap Cloud stores PDF copies of each eConsent in a file repository enabling real time access to eConsent files on-demand.

eConsent Patient Portal

REDCap Cloud eConsent Patient Portal is an intuitive, modern, single point of access for patients. With eConsent Patient portal, patients have a central user ID and password-based place to go on the web to manage their eConsent experience. The portal removes the need for patients to remember and manage multiple passwords. REDCap Cloud’s single sign-on capabilities simplifies onboarding and ongoing account management.