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Contract Research Organizations

REDCap Cloud CRO Partner Program

REDCap Cloud is available as a go to market partner to CROs, consulting, and other channel partners. Your programs are separated, secure and branded as you. REDCap Cloud consistently delivers reliable performance so the relationship with your sponsor reflects on the highest customer satisfaction ratings.


The REDCap Cloud platform has been designed with security and scalability in mind. The use of different logical tiers allows for the full scalability of the system by using separate web, application, transactional database and relational database physical tiers (servers or server clusters). A single multi-tiered environment can host an unlimited number of concurrent studies.

Support All Study Stages

Find a single solution that supports both early and late phase studies, including all post-marketing research.

Validation, Compliance and Virtual Data Repository

The REDCap Cloud Validation and Compliance Virtual Data Repository provides on-demand access to IQ documentation as well as a set of templates necessary to efficiently and cost-effectively validate the implementation of REDCap Cloud. The overall solution provides auditors with the necessary tools to conduct a virtual audit, which saves an enormous amount of money and time for all stakeholders.

Software Version Management (SVM)

REDCap Cloud has developed patent-pending Software Version Management (SVM) technology that enables global scalability of the REDCap Cloud SaaS platform while simultaneously running an unlimited number of versions of REDCap Cloud EDC. The current version of the application can continue to be used without being forced to upgrade mid-study. However, you can Upgrade on Demand at any time with a single click of a button with full support and documentation for Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ).

Business and Pricing Model

REDCap Cloud offers pricing models specifically for CROs with options whether you need a monthly subscription for multiple studies or a single-use solution with full functionality.

A Unified Data Management Platform that enables Sponsors, CROs, investigators, and research teams to collaborate around the world.

REDCap Cloud’s comprehensive SaaS-based Data Management platform integrates eConsent, EDC, eCOA, patient registries, surveys, and outcome tracking capabilities in a single solution. REDCap Cloud technology scales reliably and cost-effectively for research projects of all types and sizes including proof of concept, early phase studies, late phase studies, marketing support studies, surveys and questionnaires, patient registries, and outcomes research.

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