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Clinical Registries

Clinical Registries

Historically, the purpose of a clinical registry was to collect and observe patient outcome information over time in an effort to develop a hypothesis about a specific disease and conduct translational research. This process is slow and inefficient. Now, with REDCap Cloud researchers are able to securely and safely aggregate and analyze data by the thousands in real time directly from patients and hospitals.  Instead of waiting years to collect the data to come up with an effective hypothesis, researchers are able to make breakthrough discoveries now.

Capture Data Directly From Patients with REDCAp Cloud MyHealth

Using REDCap Cloud MyHealth, Clinical Registries are able to have patients register directly on their website, complete the e-Consent process and fill out surveys directly on the web or a mobile app on the patients own device.  This not only enables you to engage more directly with patients but it also enables you to build a long term relationship and build a community for the specific therapeutic area you are researching.

Validated Patient Reported Outcome Assessments

A key to success for any clinical registry is to capture standards-based, consistent data. This need is compounded when collecting data directly from patients. REDCap Cloud includes a growing library of validated quality of life (QOL) and therapeutic specific assessments, including PROMIS Health Measures. These instruments enable precise measures of patient-reported health status for physical, mental, and social well-being and ensure you will capture standardized and consistent patient self assessments.


REDCap Cloud’s Reporting and Analytics solution empowers you to Explore and Visualize your data in real time across studies and across sponsors using interactive dashboards and over 40 different types of visualizations.

EHR Integration

REDCap Clouds EHR Integration Hub makes it easy to set up and seamlessly exchange HL7 standards based data between EHR systems and REDCap Cloud. Capture data once at the point of care and use many times without manual re-entry or manual source data verification.

Data Orchestration

REDCap Cloud’s Unified Data Management platform is an infrastructure for the creation, deployment, integration and aggregation of Registries. It empowers individuals and organizations to collect, integrate, analyze and share health data in a standards-based way to make the right decisions at the right time.

Business and Pricing Model

REDCap Cloud offers pricing models specifically for Registries, with options based on whether you need a monthly subscription for multiple studies or a single-use solution with full functionality.

A Unified Data Management Platform that enables Sponsors, CROs, investigators, and research teams to collaborate around the world.

Our comprehensive SaaS-based Data Management platform integrates eConsent, EDC, eCOA, patient registries, surveys, and outcome tracking capabilities in a single solution. REDCap Cloud technology scales reliably and cost-effectively for research projects of all types and sizes including proof of concept, early phase studies, late phase studies, marketing support studies, surveys and questionnaires, patient registries, and outcomes research.

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