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Academic Research Centers

Academic Research Centers

Add value with a fully validated cloud-based, multi-functional platform that allows you to develop studies and deploy them to different applications and devices at any stage of the research process—for regulated studies that explore a research question or those used to support the commercial labeling claims of a product. REDCap Cloud excels with studies being conducted to explore potential new therapies and advancing existing therapies.

Single-Center and Multi-Center Studies

Easily design and capture high-quality data, from research studies being conducted solely within your clinical center to multiple research centers collaborating on a study through a single system, with simple tasks and flexible workflows.

Support All Study Stages

Find a single solution that supports both early stage academic studies, such as a single clinical setting, and late stage efforts, including adjudication committees and workflow processes for more efficient study management.

Patient Registry Studies

From validated quality of life (QOL) and therapeutic specific assessments to scales for determining pain levels, to patient diaries, to observational studies to support clinical utilization, these instruments can be valuable methods for collecting data to support regulated clinical studies, or to assist in determining the effectiveness of treatment protocols. Being able to quickly deploy the survey or questionnaire to the right modality is essential. Additionally, ensuring that the modality (paper, web site, smartphone, or tablet) selected, appropriate for the patient profile and assessment, is the best method for ensuring compliance and accuracy of the data is critical to the project.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Patient input is essential, whether to support clinical studies or help determine the effectiveness of a protocol, and with REDCap Cloud, no matter how the survey tool is accessed or whatever operating system is used for the mobile device, all the data sits in the same database.

Business and Pricing Model

REDCap Cloud offers pricing models specifically for academic and non-profit organizations with budget constraints, with options whether you need a monthly subscription for multiple studies or a single-use solution with full functionality.

A Unified Data Management Platform that enables Sponsors, CROs, investigators, and research teams to collaborate around the world.

Our comprehensive SaaS-based Data Management platform integrates eConsent, EDC, eCOA, patient registries, surveys, and outcome tracking capabilities in a single solution. REDCap Cloud technology scales reliably and cost-effectively for research projects of all types and sizes including proof of concept, early phase studies, late phase studies, marketing support studies, surveys and questionnaires, patient registries, and outcomes research.

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