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Leverage REDCap Cloud’s expansive knowledge database, learning resources and features sets to create, clinical trials quickly and effortlessly, and conduct, manage and deliver them efficiently and cost effectively. The Learning Center contains learning paths, help, troubleshooting, and more for all REDCap Cloud users. Whether you are an Investigator entering data, a Monitor cleaning data, a Data Manager designing your own trial, or anyone else working with REDCap Cloud, you’ll find all of the resources you need, and in easy to access and comprehend terms.


Multiple Learning Sources

The Learning Center contains information to help you get started including Initiating a Trial; Designing and Building a Study; Creating Sites and Assigning Team Members;, Enrolling Subjects with a Screening capability; Capturing and Validating Data; Extracting Data in various formats; and, Advanced Reporting capabilities.  You will find extensive online User Guides – Text and video – and have access to Technical Support through our intuitive online system.

REDCap Cloud Training


We offer a variety of training options, including remote web-based conferencing to train an unlimited number of Investigators simultaneously, anywhere in the world. REDCap Cloud Learning Solutions Specialists also conduct hands-on training sessions for Investigators and CRAs at central sites, including Investigator meetings. This is the most personalized approach to learning, the live classroom gives you the flexibility to decide what you want to focus on in a hands-on environment.

To support ongoing training needs, we can provide refresher courses, as and when required, and we also have an extensive video library that is made available online to our customers. We make it our priority to insure you have the knowledge and competence required to execute a successful trial.

REDCap Cloud Online Training

E-Learning and Certification

REDCap Cloud includes role based e-learning modules and certifications built into the application.  These modules can be customized by the client with assessment standards set by the client administrator. So e-learning is tailored for every role in your trial and the modules can be completed at each user’s own pace and convenience

REDCap Cloud Solutions

Professional Services

REDCap Cloud is an intuitive, flexible and easy to use system that gives that makes it easy to design, build and manage your own studies, However, when you want support we are more than happy to help.  Our team has extensive experience in multiple therapeutic areas and trial designs across different Phases and we can support you in a number of ways as follows:

REDCap Cloud Online Learning

Database Configuration

Our Trial Designers will lead you through our established database configuration process:

Setting up the Study infrastructure

Defining User Roles and Permissions

Creating Workflows and Validation Settings

Configuring Field Edit Checks and Deviation Settings

Configuring Data Queries and Resolution Workflows

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REDCap Cloud Database Configuration

Study Build

Our Trial Designers will support your eCRF design process:

Design and Build Study Framework

Import existing Study Data Dictionaries, or, Create eCRFs – Fields Type options, Source Data Verification (SDV), Data Quality/Validation Checks, PHI encryption option

Configuring Field Edit Checks and Deviation Settings

Create Treatment Arms and. Subject Randomization. We have an extensive range of randomization options that can be tailored to meet your circumstances and needs.

Creating Workflows for Data Queries and Resolution

Testing and moving to live/ production mode

REDCap Cloud Data Randomization

Study Management 

Our experienced EDC professionals will support your ongoing Study processes:

Data import – direct online, offline construction and import, and through mobile apps

Monitoring, Status Reviews and Quality Checks

Scheduling & Calendaring Performance Monitoring and Reporting – Site and Study Level

Create, Monitor and Report on Study KPIs

Implement and Update Study Configuration changes. Although they aren’t planned, protocol changes happen in even the best thought out clinical trials. When that happens, your study may require updates – our Trial Design team will work with you to implement those changes quickly and efficiently.

REDCap Cloud Data Exports

Analysis, Data Exports, and Reporting

Data Comparisons

Data Analysis – does the Study result(s) validate the proposition?

Study Statistics using the most popular applications

Data Exports

If you need your study data exports from REDCap Cloud mapped to a specific structure, we can help you manage that as well. Custom exports are part of the trial design and can be configured to your specifications.

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