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Solutions for Successful Studies

Solutions Right For You

REDCap Cloud’s flexible platform empowers customers to build a set of applications once and deploy a common set of screens, workflow and roles across all your clinical applications including – eConsent, eCOA, EDC, Analytics across many different types of modalities including Real World Evidence Studies, Patient Registry Studies, Feasibility studies and many more.

Academic Research Centers

In addition to teaching, a core mission of Academic Research Centers is to ask questions. It is vital to understand the mechanisms of health and illness, how to treat patients and their diseases more effectively. REDCap Cloud enables Academic Research Centers to more easily conduct retrospective and prospective clinical trials and therefore obtain the knowledge required to understand disease processes and the prevention and treatment of these diseases.


Biopharmaceutical Research Companies

In any type of study, at any stage, on nearly any device platform, REDCap Cloud has product functionality, services, and a relevant business model for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.


Clinical Registries

Historically, the purpose of a clinical registry was to collect patient outcome information in an effort to develop a hypothesis about a specific disease or treatment. This process is slow and inefficient. Now, with REDCap Cloud, researchers, health care organizations, patient advocacy organizations, and policy makers are able to aggregate real-world EHR Data and ePRO/eCOA by the thousands in a standards based way and mine it to make unbiased and data-driven discoveries on how drugs and devices perform.


Contract Research Organizations

REDCap Cloud is the only platform in the market allowing a CRO to standardize on a single solution across any type of study – Proof of Concept, Early Phase, Phase II/III, Interventional, Patient Registry, Observational, Epidemiology, Expanded Access, and Real World Evidence (RWE).


Integrated Health Systems and Hospitals

Health care reimbursement is moving from a fee-for-service to a value-based care model. Payers now require real world evidence demonstrating quality improvements to justify reimbursement. Capturing real world evidence requires a unified data management approach that supports capturing data from all stakeholders including patients, clinicians, care providers, EMR systems, wearable devices, payer systems, claims data and imaging systems. REDCap Cloud’s UNIFIED Data Management platform simplifies the real-world evidence gathering and analysis process and puts you in control of all your data.


Medical Device and Diagnostics Organizations

REDCap Cloud enables Medical Device and Diagnostics organizations to comply with the expanded need for safety, quality and real-world evidence as required by EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and Payer Reimbursement policies globally..REDCap Cloud is designed to handle the flexibility of medical device studies include instrument, apparatus, machine, contrivance, and/or implant – whether that be a feasibility, pilot or pivotal study requirement.