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Your State-of-the-Art EDC Platform

Increase your efficiencies with a platform designed around a flexible business and service model that delivers valuable solutions to you, regardless of your size or the nature of your clinical research needs.

Built under a quality plan and proven compliant with all regulatory standards, REDCap Cloud EDC provides a broad level of functionality with all the key features necessary to meet your study requirements.

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Features and functionality of REDCap Cloud EDC

Study Designer

Build forms from an extensive range of field types with edit checks, rules, and branching logic with a tool that’s easy to use and enables you to re-use and re-purpose forms and configurations for other studies.

Configurable Query Workflows

Create user and system generated queries and configure role authorizations to open queries and commence a query workflow, assign queries by user or role, and enable rights to process and close them to meet local circumstances and the most efficient management of studies.


Randomize subjects directly from within the system, at any point during a study, using a range of optional onboard randomization algorithms, or your own custom schedule.

Medical Coding

Enable user or auto populating of preferred medical terms from a range of enabled medical dictionaries based on user entered verbatim terms on selected fields for coding on a form.

Adjudication Workflow Management

Build workflows with forms and reports from a subset database to efficiently manage data monitoring and safety requirements for any monitoring body.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Leverage a substantial list of standard reports, or build user-configured ad hoc reports to save and share with all or selected stakeholders for pre-determined timelines or milestones.


Determine how monitoring is configured to drive Source Data Verification, Medical Review, and Data Review at entire or partial form level and the subsequent notifications and workflows across selected roles in a study. Clinical monitors, data managers, and medical reviewers can work efficiently, and study managers can monitor and evaluate the overall progress of the study.

Mobile EDC

Deploy EDC studies to a tablet or smart phone with our mEDC application using native Android and iOS apps. This enables sites to capture data offline and remotely using the same form configuration as the web app, then sync with it when they have an internet connection.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Use validated instruments, or design patient questionnaires in the Study Designer, and deploy to a variety of mobile devices that patients can access online or through the app.

Professional Assessments

Create clinician, healthcare, and/or patient assessments and deploy them to a laptop or tablet, as appropriate for entry into the EDC application.

Observer Reported Outcomes

Configure rules and create notifications and authorizations, by role and task and review processes for the efficient management of studies.

Validated Instruments

Select from a range of project templates with validated, pre-configured ready for edit instruments relevant to that project selected for a quick and easy launch of a study without programmer support.

Study Designer

Design and deploy a study—without any software programming skills—to multiple mobile devices or a website.

Collaboration Tools

Integrate patient collaboration to communicate, encourage participation, and respond directly to questions.

Recruitment and Authorization

Increase the value of your study—ensure that only suitable patients or subjects are enrolled using options from built-in screening workflows for enrollment.

Online and Offline Access Capabilities

Access instruments online on our secure website, or download the native app directly to your iOS or Android device.


Benefit from a platform that supports instruments in multiple languages.

Standard Reports

Access an extensive library of standard reports, available at no additional cost.

Customizable Ad Hoc Reporting

Build your own user-configured reports to meet your particular needs and add them to the set of standard reports that can be used throughout the study.

APIs for Integrations

Build your own, or leverage our extensive API set for straightforward integration to pull or push data from/to other applications, along with support and assistance.

Custom Dashboards

Interact with data in a way that’s right for you. Our configurable dashboards enable you to present the right data at the right time within the system without the need to generate a separate report.

Supporting Academic Research and Non-Profit Organizations

When research questions for new therapies or clinical utilizations of existing therapies require advanced technical capabilities, academic research centers and non-profit organizations rely on REDCap Cloud.

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Fueling Commercial Research

In any type of study, at any stage, on nearly any device platform, REDCap Cloud has product functionality, services, and a relevant business model for the biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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