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REDCap Cloud Overview

Empowering a Collaborative and Unified Data-Driven Approach

The drive to connect people, processes and systems—both internally and externally—has created the need for a completely different approach. One that brings together isolated applications and data into a single system, allowing you to leverage business processes across patient and partner communities and create solutions to meet your ever-changing needs.


We call this approach Unified Real World Data Management. REDCap Cloud’s Unified Real World Data Management Platform and its complementary set of Clinical Research applications provides an infrastructure for you to unify your data in a well-structured way and act on it.

REDCap Cloud Unified Real World Data Management Platform

REDCap Cloud’s Unified Data Management Platform is an infrastructure for the creation, deployment, integration and aggregation of Unified Data Management solutions. It empowers individuals and organizations to collect, integrate, analyze and share health data in a standards-based way to make the right decisions at the right time.


REDCap Cloud EDC

REDCap Cloud EDC combines the best of REDCap EDC with world-class commercial grade innovations including Mid-Study Changes, Monitoring, Query Management, Medical Coding, Custom Randomization and a File Repository.


REDCap Cloud Direct to Patient Data Capture

REDCap Cloud MyHealth is a direct to patient ePRO and eConsent solution empowering patients and care givers to directly engage in the research process and report clinical trial information from mobile devices, wearable devices or via the Web on a Patient Portal.


Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Seamlessly exchange FHIR based data between Electronic Health Record systems and REDCap Cloud. Capture data once at the point of care and use many times without manual re-entry or manual source data verification.


Analytics & Data Aggregation

REDCap Cloud’s Analytics and Data Aggregation solution empowers you to Store, Explore and Visualize your data in real time across studies and across sponsors using interactive dashboards and over 40 different types of visualizations.


REDCap Cloud eConsent

REDCap Cloud’s eConsent is a self-service solution empowering you to develop interactive and engaging informed consent patient experiences. Patients can access and fill out eConsent forms from their own computer, mobile phone, or tablet devices. The rich, interactive multimedia experience enables patients to make informed decisions in a simplified and consistent way at their own pace and tailored to their own learning style and participate in their own language.